According to Google Trends, the behemoth that was Minecraft could be reclaiming the throne of popularity, ripping Fortnite from its seat.

After its peak in July of 2013, Minecraft’s relatively steady decline in popularity appears to be coming to an end as the sandbox survival game has just passed Fortnite in worldwide popularity – according to Google Trends.

Fortnite’s sudden rise to the top began in December of 2017, just 5 months after the release of its worldwide phenomenon Battle Royale; it has remained on top for over a year at this point as its 9th Season is in full swing.

Worldwide, Google Trends reports that Minecraft is sitting at a trend score of 41/100 against Fortnite’s 35/100. In the United States, Minecraft has not yet taken over Fortnite with a 44/43 score.

Interestingly enough, Fortnite has not and is likely to never reach the trend levels that Minecraft did. One could claim that this is due to the nature of Minecraft, with users constantly searching for tutorials and mods for the game. On the other hand, Fortnite came up in the midst of a generation who’s more interested in social media and online personalities than ever.

It’s important to keep in mind that the numbers reported by Google Trends are simply search trends, not the results of a popularity survey or actual player counts.

What are your thoughts on Minecraft’s triumphant return potentially overtaking Fortnite in popularity?

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