Middle Eastern players have been desperately calling for servers and Epic Games has finally answered their pleas.

Connections will always matter in online games as long as the latency between players remains a problem. To combat this inherent issue, we connect to servers which route our data and actions to other players. The server’s location still plays a major role in the quality of the experience.

Middle Eastern Fortnite players have been forced to connect to far away servers in order to play the game. This essentially makes playing at a high level impossible for these players. Now, Epic Games has finally come to the rescue.

Middle East server now live in Fortnite

On August 9, Epic Games pleasantly surprised players in the Middle East by activating servers for the region. The company has not made any official statement about the servers, but they are online according to the in-game server selection.

Justice for Middle Eastern players at last!

This has been a long time coming as the region houses hundreds of thousands of players. While the game has been banned in some Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Fortnite still has a gigantic following in the region.

Players from the Middle East have been asking for servers since the very beginning, so it must be a sweet relief to finally get them. Fortnite is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular video game by many metrics and that should mean server availability for everybody. Thankfully, Epic Games looks to be closing any holes in support.

According to @Lucas7yoshi, the servers are named MUM and MUM_S. The ‘MUM’ possibly stands for Mumbai, a major city center in the western part of India. This would be an adequate positioning for servers as they could reach the whole region without extreme pings.

The location of the servers could cause issues for the far western parts of the Middle East, but we’ll have to wait on player reports for any details. Either way, the experience will be improved significantly from the 150+ pings many in the zone are used to.

It would’ve been nice to see the Middle East receive server support before the Fortnite World Cup, but late is better than never. This could even mean that we’ll see a new region added to tourneys held in the next season of competitive Fortnite.

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