Just when you thought it was gone.

The latest patch just debuted in Fortnite which means the floodgates have been opened for datamines.

One datamine that might have players scratching their head is the Medieval Sword.

Fortnite very recently ran into an issue with the powerful Infinity Blade that led to its removal and now they are coming back with a different sword.

Luckily, the sword will probably not have the same power the Infinity Blade did as we can hope Epic Games learned its lesson from the debacle that took place with the old sword.

Sounds and the image of the weapon have leaked which makes it seem like this new weapon will be coming very soon.

While it could be argued this sword will enter the game as a pickaxe we have evidence suggesting that isn’t the case.

According to the initial datamine, the sword appears to be a weapon instead of a pickaxe. We also have the image, thanks to FNBR.news

Fortnite Medieval Sword

While the weapon is not available in the game yet, we can expect it to make its debut soon. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Medieval Sword in the future.

As with all datamines, take them with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed by Epic Games.

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