Construction has begun on Marshmello’s stage.

A datamine from yesterday revealed EDM artist Marshmello will be performing a special concert in Fortnite.


This event was first hinted back in v7.20 when a music video was datamined from the files.

It appears those datamines were right on the money as more of that event has come to fruition.

Beginning today we can now see the stage he will be performing on being set up in the football field located at Pleasant Park.

If players head over to Pleasant Park they will see the beginnings of the stage, with progression likely to be made over the next couple days leading to the event.

Marshmello stage Fortnite

The concert will be taking place on February 2 at 2 PM ET for a one-time-only event.

An actual model of Marshmello has been discovered in the files but it is unclear whether this will end up being a skin players can buy.

Marshmello became a popular figure in the Fortnite community thanks to Ninja.

Ninja began playing with the EDM artist on stream and even competed in Fortnite’s E3 Pro-Am with him, taking home the victory.


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