The Marshmello in-game concert on February 2 might have demolished the world record for most concurrent players on Fortnite!

The show was a sight to remember as players from around the world joined together to enjoy a set by the worldwide phenomenon EDM DJ, Marshmello, for a free concert!

Community members around social media have shared their view of the show, thoughts, and expressed that the Marshemllo concert might have been the best thing to ever happen in Fortnite.

Video game journalist and host of the Video Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, posted on Twitter that his sources confirmed that the show might have smashed the current world record for players in Fortnite.

Keighley’s announcement means that Fortnite’s concert in Pleasant Park might now be the most attended concert in history, as the current World Record holder is Rod Stewart’s 1993 New Year’s Eve show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with over 3.5 million people in attendance.

The Marshmello x Fortnite event was certainly a milestone event for everybody involved, especially since technological advances helped propel the concert further thanks to the fact that Marshmello was able to broadcast in real-time to concert attendees!

After the show on February 3, Marshmello hopped into a call with Fortnite streamer Jack ‘CourageJD’ Dunlap to explain that nothing was pre-recorded, to the surprise of every Fortnite player.

“That was all live, man! That was the whole thing, so you know, in the very early workings of it all we weren’t sure what could be handled as far as bandwidth and stuff like live voice, and live everything,” Marshmello confirmed with Courage.

Would you attend another Fortnite concert? What artist would you like to see perform next?

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  1. I agree it was the best fortnite event ever. But it felt kinda empty. They set up this huge stage with a massive dance floor and then only 60 people turned up. It needed more people to fill the dance floor, or a smaller venue.

  2. Just image post malone having a concert on fortnite!! This would absolutely be insane! I think it would attract even more people! I don’t think it will happen because he prefers PUBG and his songs have abit of swearing so may go down bad with parents and family friendly streams.

  3. Well deserved! Best Fortnite event ever so far, next to the Rocket Launch and Butterfly Effect Cube Event! I stayed up at night to relive it AGAIN!! So damn worth it!!

    Every single fan loved it all! We had all had an amazing blast!! You cannot deny that! Marshmallow and EPIC collaboration was phenomenal!!

    Here’s to more of this insane type of events!!

    Goes to show EPIC isn’t much about the money if they’re willing to do an insane collbacollbacollabo like this with a Huge Music Artist!

  4. Coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in a video game. Engaging live with people around the world is such a moving experience. So much is possible with technology like this. Just one example that came to mind is people with disabilities, via their keyboards and mice, being able to attend the concert and jump/fly/dance along with everyone else. We’re peaking into the future with this event.

  5. It actually felt underwhelming considering the match had less than 60 players in it.
    Since it forced 30 vs 30 or something and a number of people left.


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