World-famous DJ Marshmello is officially collaborating with Fortnite! An in-game concert is set for February 2nd, 2019 at Pleasant Park.

A plethora of newly discovered assets in the patch v7.30 files indicate that Marshmello will be preforming live in-game in the coming days.

Mark your calendars, Marshmello goes live in Pleasant Park at 2PM Eastern Time on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019. This will be a one-time event, don’t miss it!

via lucas7yoshi_

Interestingly enough, a player model of the DJ himself has been discovered. Though it’s important to note that this could simply be an NPC (non-playable character) model which will be used during the show.

Alongside the player models above, animations which will be used during the live performance have been discovered.

As expected, the animations are simply dancing and jumping which the artist will do to hype up the crowd.

Audio assets include music which will be played during the show, songs such as Marshmello’s Alone can be heard suggesting that full songs of the artist’s will be played.

Epic Games has yet to officially announce this event, though it is expected to be announced within the next couple days as the event is rather close to being launched.

What are your thoughts on Epic Games collaborating with real-life influences such as Marshmello to create content for Fortnite?