The Fortnite world was welcomed to an in-game event where players were able to attend a digital concert where the popular DJ Marshmello temporarily took over Pleasant Park.

February 2 was a musically-packed day for Fortnite fans as Pleasant Park’s soccer field was transformed into a concert venue.

Millions of fans hopped in-game to be apart of the event that eventually went on to destroy the record for the most amount of people to attend a concert, regardless of the event happening through the internet.

It looks like Epic Games are preparing to offer another experience for Fortnite fans at the World Cup Finals this weekend – a real-life Marshmello-themed Fortnite concert.

Marshmello LIVE

On the morning of July 27, the official Fortnite Twitter announced that on Sunday, July 28, fans will be able to join Marshmello for a live concert at the World Cup Venue.

At around 1 pm ET / 10 am PT, the Arthur Ashe stadium will be filled with the music of the world-wide sensational DJ, Marshmello.

Not much information was released on what the concert will include, but we expect Marshmello to play his most popular songs that were also used during his February Pleasant Park concert.

Marshmello’s concert is expected to kick off at around 1 pm ET, right before the duo finals begin on Sunday, July 28.

Fortnite World Cup Finals

Today finally kicks off the World Cup Finals for duos including top players like Misfit’s Clix and Sceptic and FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill and Funkbomb.

The first games for the duo finals begin at around 1 pm ET / 10 am PT. Be sure to tune in to Epic’s official broadcast on YouTube to receive exclusive Fortnite-themed items.

Do you have any guesses on who will walk away as the winners of the Fortnite World Cup duo Finals? It’s crazy to think two people will walk away from the event with $1.5 million in their pocket!

Good luck to all qualifying players who are playing today!

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