The leaked Marshmello model might not actually be a skin for players to buy.

A lot of information has been revealed about the upcoming Marshmello event in Fortnite thanks to datamines.

To further confirm the event, Epic Games has disabled replays for the time being, likely due to a bug that allowed players to hear a Marshmello song playing.

An in-game model of Marshmello has leaked which many assumed to be a skin that will be available to purchase.

However, it seems like this model could end up being the in-game version of Marshmello who will be performing in Pleasant Park and nothing more.

While some leakers are saying this will be a character instead of a skin, it appears not everyone is on the same page.

ShiinaBR, a popular Fortnite leaker, still believes the Marshmello outfit will be available as a skin.

While the outfit itself is still up for debate, it appears the spray and harvesting tool has been confirmed to be actual items in the game.

The event begins February 2 so we’ll likely know for certain whether the outfit is available for purchase then.

Right now, you can head to Pleasant Park and see the stage in the early process of being built to prepare for the event.

Epic Games hasn’t officially announced the Marshmello event as of yet but it appears clear it is happening.

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