Season 3 launched on Thursday 22nd with a number of bugs which varied in severity. As a result, Epic has set up a public Trello board to track issues and keep us updated.

Some of the top issues and their current status at the time of this post:

Server lag

Fixed in the live game – A server performance regression was introduced with the release of 3.0.0 (as an attempt to resolve another bug) and has since been fixed.

Wins are not counted in stats/on the leaderboards

Fixed in the live game – We broke stats / leaderboards updates with a server update at 10:30 AM EST on Friday, February 23rd. This was addressed early AM EST on Saturday February 24th. Wins earned during this time will likely not be recovered.

Weapons do not equip/function during early game

Fixed in the next patch – During the early game there is a chance that weapons cannot be equipped and do not show up in the player’s hands or function (shoot).

Hitmarkers not showing up

Fixed in the next patch – Hit markers do not show up when shooting enemies; only damage numbers appear. Hit markers DO appear if you are shooting a player who is in the DBNO (down but not out) state. They also work in the pre-game phase.

Hitting a weakpoint is too loud (breaking objects)

Fixed in the next patch – With the release of version 3.0 weak point audio cues became much louder than intended.

“Play a match with a friend” daily challenge does not complete

Fixed in the next patch – Credit may not be given to players who complete the “Play a match with a friend” daily challenge.

Unable to build

Speculative fix in the next patch – Players may encounter a temporary issue with building even with the correct amount of materials. Epic hope to fix this before next week’s patch.

Inventory/weapon slots become unusable

Being investigated – Picking up additional items while your inventory is full may result in a blank and unusable inventory slot.

Chests/doors do not open during early game

Being investigated – Chests / doors sometimes do not open during the early game. We have identified the root cause, but we don’t believe a short term fix is possible without severely impacting early game server performance. Possible fix in early April with other server performance optimizations.

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