There have been a lot of small changes to Fortnite’s current v7.10 patch, but the upcoming change to v7.20 promises to be the biggest update of Season 7 so far. 

Sean Hamilton, better known by his Twitter handle MrPopoTFS, is a community coordinator for Epic Games and has promised major upcoming changes.

In a series of tweets, Hamilton promised bug fixes for everything from ghost shots to glider redeploy from planes to zipline bugs.

In a response to player complaints under the tweet announcing an upcoming change to walls buried undergrounds, Hamilton went one-by-one in responding to bugs.

Throughout the replies he promised fixes to the following bugs and issues:

  • Zipline issues
  • Glider redeploy from planes
  • Dealing damage with different weapons challenge
  • Improvement on ghost shots
  • Improvement on edit delays
  • Music cutting out on the switch
  • Upgrade and research tabs not appearing in Save the World

There were some other issues that Hamilton was responding to including the bug that causes the screen to shake when on the ice and an issue with player speed slowing down when coming out of rifts.

As these appeared to be new issues (to Hamilton), it is probably unlikely that they will be fixed in the upcoming v7.20 patch.

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