Fortnite had a pretty big patch with v7.40 so let’s check in and see how prominent members of the community feel about it.

When we last checked in with the community, players were pretty excited about the changes coming with this update, but have things changed?

Planes, Hand Cannons, mobile stats and many other things were addressed in this patch, making it one of the more major ones to come out in recent memory.

Many of the major changes were revealed ahead of the patch which had players pretty excited, but some changes, most notably the ADS changes, were not well received.

The ADS changes made to controller players have since been reverted but not before numerous complaints by members of the community.

With those ADS changes being reverted, there is a lot less to complain about with this patch.

Those changes might have been given more of a grace period for adjustment had they not come on the day of a major esports tournament – the Secret Skirmish.

Other than the ADS controversy, the patch has largely been solid and pleased a lot of the players.

Here’s what some other prominent members of the Fortnite community had to say about update v7.40.

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