There have been several dig sites that have popped up around the Fortnite map, but Loot Lake’s recent excavation could be the hint we need to figure out Season 9.

Loot Lake has been under construction for the past week or so since excavators arrived at the location and players have been wondering what lies beneath.

On April 17, construction at Loot Lake completed as a huge metal door was revealed, along with a few new building additions.

What are Fortnite excavation sites?

A couple weeks into Fortnite Season 8, construction and excavation vehicles began arriving at locations around the map.

So far we have seen excavation sites at Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, and south-west near the desert biome.

Dusty Divot’s site was able to reveal an old pirate anchor, seemingly pointing towards Season 8’s pirate theme.

On April 17, Loot Lake’s construction site revealed a large metal plate that could be holding something, or someone, inside.

What happens next?

A couple leaks were revealed by Lucas7Yoshi that point towards a new in-game event arriving in Fortnite.

According to Lucas7Yoshi, ice shields, lasers, portals and more will be coming to Fortnite soon.

There is no real way to know what happens next in Fortnite since Epic Games does not comment on leaks, so we just have to wait and see.

Some theories are pointing towards a large monster living underneath Loot Lake, which would make sense with how big the metal disc is.

Could Loot Lake’s new reveal be hinting towards the return of Kevin the Cube, or another huge in-game event like the meteor crash of Season 4.

Would you want to see another epic in-game event like the meteor crash or the space ship launch, or do you want to see Epic do something different for Season 9?