The Orb created at Loot Lake during the Final Showdown event has begun to break apart as Season 10 nears.

Epic Games isn’t a studio to lack punch with its seasonal launches and Season 10 looks to be getting an explosive beginning. As with previous Seasons, map changes to the island are expected with several POIs considered “at risk” of being destroyed.

The source of the destruction may be the Orb located at Loot Lake. The purple ball of power was created during the Final Showdown as the Mech drew power from it to defeat the Monster. This Orb has now begun to break apart, threatening wide scale harm to the map.

Loot Lake Orb begins to break apart

During the Final Showdown fight between the Doggus robot and the Cattus monster, the mech pulled power from the Loot Lake vault. This power came from Kevin the Cube which means it’s highly volatile and extremely dangerous. The Orb’s official name is ‘Zero Point.’

The result of Singularity’s power move was the formation of the Loot Lake Orb. This purple ball pulsates with ethereal energy. On July 24, the Orb entered a new state as it began to show cracks along its surface. The imagery immediately made us remember the crack in the sky after Rocket Launch event.

When examined closely, the Orb’s surface not only has cracks, but also features rolling waves of energy. These blue & purple waves inherently feel powerful when combined with the ominous tones of the sound files playing around the object.

Orb beginning to break at Loot Lake

Before you get too excited however, you’ll need to wait until the start of Season 10. While the Orb will go through several initial stages like this one, no actual map changes can happen until after the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Epic have stated that they will not make major map changes so close to an event.

Much to our dismay, there’s no leaks on potential Season 10 changes. However, @ShiinnaBR did manage to get into the files showing the three stages of the Orb before its destruction.

The particles seem to stretch outward quite a ways. This indicates the growing unstable nature of the Zero Point Orb and it’s potential destructive power. We just really hope that Neo Tilted isn’t destroyed! It’s the closest location to the Orb other than Loot Lake itself.

We’ll continue reporting on any changes to the Orb as the days go by. Season 10 launches on August 2nd and is sure to bring tons of change. What are your hopes & fears for patch 10.0?