Fortnite fans are a creative bunch, and another has shown their skills with a skin concept for the winter season.

Season 7 is fast approaching in the popular Battle Royale and many fans are expecting the map to be flooded with snow from different clues like the approaching iceberg and the condensation of players’ breath.

These clues combined with the Winter Royale taking place over the next few weeks has players excited for some snowy festivities.

Reddit user vp_spex showcased their skills by posting a winter themed skin titled the ‘Frost Raider’.

Credit: vp_spex

The skin repurposes the Renegade Raider skin with winter-themed clothing colored white, grey and light blue to match the landscape of a winter wonderland.

Slung across her back is an icy pickaxe covered in barbed wire. The Frost Raider is then put in a snow-covered Fortnite scene that many hope to see in Season 7.

Several commenters gave vp_spex a lot of props for the skin and some went as far to say that they would buy the skin in the game if it was available.

If Frost Raider was put into Fortnite, it wouldn’t be the first time that Epic Games added a fan-created skin to the game.

Over American Thanksgiving, Epic Games added Tender Defender which was originally created by an eight-year-old boy named, Connor.

The final day of the Season 6 Battle Pass is on December 5th, 2018 with Season 7 set to start right after.

Not much has been said about what Season 7 will have in store for players, but if past seasons are any indication it will be epic.

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