UPDATE – 1:30 PM EST: The issue causing some players from being able to login to Fortnite Battle Royale has been resolved, according to Epic Games.

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Multiple Fortnite players have revealed that they are experiencing issues logging-in to Battle Royale on Wednesday, July 10.

On Wednesday, July 10 at 12 PM EST, a collection of Fortnite players expressed their concern with Epic Games as they were unable to login to the Battle Royale portion of the game.

Players were met with error messages and long queue times, which eventually led Epic Games to respond on Twitter.

According to Epic Games, the developer is “working to resolve an issue that’s causing errors and preventing some players from being able to log in to Battle Royale.” Their official Tweet can be found below.

When will the Battle Royale login issues be fixed?

At the time of writing, Epic Games provided no concrete timeline regarding when the Fortnite log-in issue will be fixed.

The original Tweet from Epic Games came in at 11:55 AM EST, and the studio typically has a solid track record regarding fixing Fortnite login issues. However, we are not completely sure when it will be fixed.

Although the issue might not impact everyone attempting to login to Battle Royale on Fortnite, the problem is pressing enough that Epic Games needed to release a statement.

Many Fortnite players are being met with this “Login Issues” error message

How will I know when the Fortnite login issues are fixed?

We will let you know the second Epic Games gives the all-clear regarding the pesky login problem. This article will be updated with all the necessary information as it is announced.

You can also keep your eyes on our Twitter account – @FortniteINTEL – for any and all updates.

The official Fortnite Server Status page can be seen below, which will update in real-time.

Are you having an issue with logging-in to Battle Royale?

This is a breaking story, and information will be added as it is made available to us by Epic Games.

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