Need help finding Gargoyles to dance in front of? We have you covered with a full map.

With the release of the Fortnitemares in-game event, Epic Games added a series of new challenges exclusively for the mode.

Thus far, only ‘Part One’ of the Fortnitemares challenges are available, with one of them requiring players to dance in front of the newly-added Gargoyle statues.

Luckily, Reddit user /u/MarkThreeGaming has created an easy map which shows a total of seven Gargoyle locations across the Fortnitemares map.

Only five Gargoyles need to be danced in front of to complete the challenge and earn 500 XP.

You can view the full map below.

Fortnitemares is scheduled to take place between October 24 and November 26, which will see a collection of new items, challenges, and other in-game content added.

More information on Fortnitemares and the recent V6.20 patch can be found right here.

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