Update – August 23: Second Junk Storm mission is now live in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The limited time missions for Week 4 are named ‘Junk Storm’ and they began releasing daily on August 22.

Season X introduced the concept of missions to replace the classical challenge structure. This was Epic’s way of both staying ahead of the industry and giving players an improved experience when getting on every day for new tasks. These missions are split into limited time free objectives and premium battle pass sets.

Limited Time Missions can be completed by anybody during the week of their release. After the 7th day, they disappear forever. It’s an effective mechanic to keep players coming back in order earn extra rewards like Battle Stars.

Season X ‘Junk Storm’ Limited Missions

Limited Time missions don’t all become available on the first day of any given week. Instead, Epic has decided to trickle them out one at a time. Once per day, a new challenge arrives.

The first of the Junk Storm missions was released on August 22.

Day 1 Junk Storm mission

Second Junk Storm missions – August 23

Day 2 Junk Storm mission

Remember, you don’t have to win the Arena matches. Also, low-tier Arena games tend to actually be significantly easier than normal core mode matches. Hop in and have a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Bugha!

For anybody that hasn’t played Fortnite since before the v10.10 Content Update, Glitched items might sound a bit odd. We’ll explain.

Epic released a new type of foraged item named ‘Glitched Consumables‘ recently. These items take the form of one of six items like Apples or Mushrooms. They shift between these randomly, so you’ll have to be fast in picking them up.

The next Junk Storm mission will release on Friday, August 23. However, the entire list of missions was leaked by @Lucas7yoshi after the latest content update.

All Junk Storm Missions

Week 4 Junk Storm Mission Rewards

As with every other mission set, players will earn rewards as they progress through the set’s tiers. Limited time set rewards are considerably more modest than the premium pass ones, but they’ll still give you a nice boost in tiers.

  • 30 Battle Stars
  • 3.5K Seasonal XP
  • Junk Storm Loading Screen

Remember, these rewards can only be earned during the week of their release. Epic has not hinted at any later ways to earn these rewards.

While owners of the Battle Pass can complete the pass without limited time missions, free players essentially must complete the Junk Storm missions.

We’ll keep providing additional updates as new missions release during the week & weekend.