Move aside, challenges! Missions are here with Season X and a limited-time set ‘B.R.U.T.E. missions set’ has been pushed to live servers.

If you thought Season 9 had a lot of challenges, wait until you get a load of Missions. Season X brings a new branding to weekly tasks and even gives us limited time opportunities to earn additional Battle Stars during the season.

A new set of limited-time ‘B.R.U.T.E. Squad’ Missions went live at 9 AM EST on August 1 offering additional XP rewards, Battle Stars, and even an exclusive loading screen.

Limited Time BRUTE Squad Missions

Similar to Overtime challenges of the past, the new BRUTE Squad missions are time-gated over the coming week. All missions in this set must be completed before they expire on August 8.

In general, limited challenges for events have not given out Battle Stars to players, but Missions seem to be mixing things up. Players can earn up to 30 Battle Stars by complete the BRUTE Squad missions. It’s a welcome addition in our humble opinion and rewards players you get on daily to play some Fortnite.

B.R.U.T.E. Squad Missions

The rewards apart from the Battle Stars are fairly modest with small XP bonuses and a loading screen. Unlike challenges, missions rewards are unlocked sequentially by completing tasks instead of being assigned specifically to a task. One new mission will unlock each day until Aug. 8.

For those that are wondering what Missions even are, they are a replacement to the typical challenge system. We created a dedicated article on Missions looking at how they work and which ones are currently available for players to complete.

We expect some of the missions to the involve the use of the BRUTE mech suit added in patch v10.0. You can the suit in action in the Season X trailer.

In addition to the missions, Epic has also put in ‘Zero Point Challenges’ which are very similar to the Utopia or Discovery challenge sets. Their goal is to give players long term objectives to strive towards throughout Season X.

We’ll continue updating this article each day as new missions become available.

What do you think of the switch from challenges to missions and how the rewards work now? We think it might end up being a great shift for progression, but it’ll take some getting used to for sure.