UPDATE – All of of the cactuses are now gone from the location, as lighting strikes continue to occur every few minutes.


Patch v5.30 is live and several oddities regarding the Rift in the sky have surfaced. Despite it’s shrinkage in size, the Rift is now emitting bolts of lightning, striking seemingly random areas of the Map. Perhaps this is the beginning of the Season 6 teasers, we’ll update when we know more.

It appears that attempting to Harvest the Motel Sign with your Pickaxe causes it to be struck by Lightning from the nearby Rift. It is currently unknown whether or not this happens in other locations on the map.

Seemingly, every 4 hours, on the 4 minute mark of the hour- Lightning will strike 1 of 8 Cacti located at H9. If this math is to be believed, the final Cacti should be struck at 2:04PM Pacific Time. Stay tuned for updates!

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