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Legacy vs. Advanced controller settings: which is better?

Epic completely overhauled Fortnite aim assist for controller players during Season 10. The new system provides more options, but is it better than Legacy settings?



Fortnite Mobile Controller Support

Epic completely overhauled Fortnite aim assist for controller players during Season 10. The new system provides more options, but is it better than Legacy settings?

Aim assist in Fortnite has been a hot topic for years, with PC players complaining about L2 spam and controller players claiming that they need to even the playing field, somehow.

Epic made some massive changes to the controller settings in Fortnite during Season 10, which opened the door to higher building and editing sensitivities. This new system also changed aim assist, which seemed like a buff to a lot of players.

The new aim assist settings provide better tracking than the old settings did. In other words, your crosshairs now have more pull while you’re aiming down sights (ADS) at a moving opponent. It doesn’t, however, reconnect to a target when you tap ADS – or L2 spam.

The above clip and others like it made the rounds on Twitter and Reddit. Keyboard players waved their fists at the sky, shouting that aim assist is now more overpowered than ever.

This is FaZe Sway, though, who might be the best Fortnite controller player in the world. Not many people will be able to track as he can. On top of that, the player on the glider is moving in a straight line. No competitive player will do that in a real match.

There has been some debate as to whether or not ‘L2 spam’ is still in the game, as evidenced by the clip of Ninja and NickMercs arguing. It is still in the game.

You can scroll to the bottom of your Advanced settings to enable Legacy settings. This will revert all of your sensitivities back to the old system; and yes, it will bring back the L2 spam.

A lot of the top controller players use the Advanced settings, while people like Innocents and NickMercs are sticking with Legacy. So, which one is better?

Advanced settings pros and cons

Credit: Epic Games

The biggest benefit of the new controller settings is that they allow for more precise customization. You can lower your overall sensitivity while keeping your building and editing sensitivities high by using the additional sensitivity multiplier.

Mid-range fights and tracking are better on advanced controls – at least for players with consistent aim. The problem is, most players don’t get a ton of mid-range opportunities in Fortnite anymore. Opponents build as soon as you shoot them, meaning a close-range engagement is much more common.

The advanced settings really fail in the close-range fight department. Most controller players immediately noticed a dip in their shotgun accuracy with the new settings. The ‘snap’ when you ADS is gone, meaning you have to be much more precise with your close-range shotgun shots. SMG spray isn’t as affected by the new settings, but still, got a bit of a nerf.

Legacy pros and cons

Legacy aim assist is more powerful than Advanced aim assist in most cases. There’s no debate when it comes to close-range fights and mid-range fights could be considered a wash. It isn’t as good at tracking players, but the ADS spam removes the need for precise tracking.

Building will probably be slower on the Legacy settings – depending on your multiplier. Switching back might feel a bit clunky at first if you got used to the new settings, but it isn’t anything major when you consider the trade-off in the aim department.

Verdict: Which is better?

In my opinion, and in the opinion of several other Fortnite controller players, the Legacy settings are the way to go. The enhanced customization options aren’t enough to sacrifice your close-range accuracy.

Fortnite has become a game about close-range fights. Hardly anyone sits out in the open anymore, and L2 spam reduces the need to accurately track opponents in the air – as hard as that may be to hear.

Sure, some of the best controller players in Fortnite are using the new settings, but that doesn’t mean they’re best for you. I believe that average to above-average players will benefit more from the Legacy aim assist settings than they will from the enhanced customization of the new system.

That’s just one L2-spamming, controller player’s opinion, after all. Let us know what you think is best in the comments.


This Crash Pad trick gives players free kills in competitive Fortnite

Another Fortnite Crash Pad technique has reared its head.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Crash Pads are the most useful item in Fortnite. You can combine them with Bouncers for ultimate mobility, use them to get into an opponent’s box, save yourself from fall damage, and – as it turns out – even more.

Just when we think that we’ve discovered all of the uses for Crash Pads, another one pops up. This new strategy is growing in popularity within the competitive Fortnite community, but is still under-utilized at the time of writing. Naturally, World Cup winner Bugha is on the cutting edge of the trick.

If you didn’t catch the strategy from the clip above, players are using Crash Pads to assassinate players above them in a stacked end-game lobby. All you need to do is make a hole in your structure, build a ramp, and throw a Crash Pad.

One of the players above you will, more than likely, fall through the broken floor and right into your lap. It’s a free refresh for your team.

This is a relatively high-level play, so you don’t need to worry about it if you’re only playing public matches. If you’re preparing for the Season 4 Trios FNCS, however, you should practice the technique and be aware that it might happen to you.

Players routinely find themselves stacked on top of one another in competitive Fortnite. I’d be surprised if we don’t see one or two of these plays in the FNCS Finals this season.

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Ghost Gaming signs NA-East Fortnite pro Nanolite

Ghost Gaming adds Nanolite to their growing Fortnite roster.



Earlier in the year, it seemed like Ghost Gaming was one of the organizations divesting from professional Fortnite. Several organizations let the contracts of their Fortnite pros expire, while others were waiting in the wings to scoop them up.

Now, several months later, it seems like Ghost was only preparing to reload on their Fortnite talent. Most recently, they signed NA-East pro Nanolite. Ghost Gaming’s newest recruit has been rising the ranks, over the past year, putting together a third-place performance in the DreamHack Anaheim 2020 tournament.

Nanolite has, reportedly, earned over $38,000 from 62 events over the course of his Fortnite career. He also sits, squarely, at number 50 on the FortniteTracker NA-East Power Rankings list.

With the signing, Ghost’s Fortnite roster is surprisingly deep. They now boast Kamo, Sean, Trapped, Zarby, Nittle, Clarity, and Nanolite. We’ll have to wait and see if they’ll stay steady here or continue to add to their growing roster of Fortnite talent.

Organizations have been signing Fortnite free agents left and right. It’s clear that Fortnite isn’t going anywhere as an esport, despite the lowering of the prize pool compared to 2019. Who will be the next free agent to fall? Only time will tell.

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Item Shop

Marvel X Fortnite comic teases unreleased hero skins

A new Marvel comic teases the release of Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, and Black Panther Fortnite skins.



We’re around the halfway point in Fortnite Season 4, with some of the most popular Marvel heroes already existing within the Fortnite universe. We’ve seen Groot, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Storm, and Mystique included in the Season 4 Battle Pass, with Silver Surfer, Blade, Captain America, and others entering through the Item Shop and past seasons.

There are only a few tier-one Marvel heroes missing from Fortnite, but they might not be out for too long. We already have hero abilities for Venom and Black Panther, which has led fans to assume that they’ll be available later in the season.

Venom in Fortnite

Recently, the VP and Head of Creative at Marvel Games, Bill Roseman, tweeted the cover art for Avengers #37, which will reportedly feature a crossover with Fortnite characters. This could have a profound impact on the lore of Fortnite, so we’ll have to wait and see what it holds when the comic releases on October 4.

On the cover, however, you can see Fortnite characters flying across the Battle Royale island with some of the Marvel heroes that are playable characters in the game. There are a few noteworthy exceptions, however: Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, and Black Panther aren’t in the game, yet.

With the rest of these Marvel characters already being a part of Fortnite, we can only assume that these heroes will be immortalized in the game as well. Black Panther was already rumored – his hero ability is in the game – but the rest of them are completely new additions.

If this teaser comes to fruition, then we’ll be seeing all three of these heroes in the Item Shop before the end of the season. We can only hope!

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