Despite reports of Legacy aim assist being removed from Fortnite, it remains in the game.

The topic of aim assist in Fortnite is one that will seemingly never die. Mouse and keyboard players routinely complain that the settings are too powerful and deserve a nerf, while controller players point to the numerous benefits of playing on PC or using a mouse and keyboard.


Recently, Epic announced that they’d be removing the ‘Legacy’ aim assist setting from Fortnite. This is the ADS lock-on aim assist, better known as the ‘L2 spam’ setting.

This was the only aim assist setting in Fortnite for a long time until Epic released the new Linear and Exponential options during Season X. On March 6, Epic announced that they’d be removing Legacy from Fortnite – effective March 13.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

Pro players like UknownxArmy and Crr – who both used Legacy aim assist – were trying out new settings and a more aggressive playstyle. The competitive controller community was bracing for change by trying to find a new and comfortable way to hit their shots.

Well, March 13 came and went and Legacy aim assist remains in Fortnite. It is now Monday, March 16, and Legacy aim assist is still an option.

It’s unclear why Epic made this proclamation if they didn’t plan on removing the setting. They could be saving it for the next game update, but it still doesn’t make sense why they’d give the March 13 deadline if they knew the patch wasn’t coming out until this week.

The next patch – v12.20 – is expected tomorrow, which would be the next chance for Epic to remove Legacy aim assist. The real test will be logging on, post-patch, and checking whether or not it’s still there. We’ll update this post when the patch goes live.

Update after the v12.20 patch: Yep… Legacy aim assist is still in Fortnite with no comment from Epic. We’ll keep you posted if there’s any change on this front.

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