Data-miners are always hard at work to uncover the next wave of content coming to Fortnite. They’ve uncovered a treasure trove of new information and video footage for patch v8.10.

New skins, back-blings, emotes, and wraps from v8.10 files are heading our way at some point in the future, according to data-mining sources. The miners have revealed new items which could arrive to the Item Shop at a later date.

After exposing these new items, more leaks have revealed in-game footage of new skins, emotes, and more.

The most exciting item is our opinion within these leaks is the new animated Magma wrap. It’s quite similar in concept to Black Ops 4’s new Reactive camos and gives flowing display of magma across any gun it’s equipped to.

Courtesy of @ShiinaBR, we have the new in-game video of new skins and other items in-menu. No release dates have been given by Epic for these items.

The skins include the Kenji, Kuno, Laguna, Axiom, and Psion skins.

The emotes include the Spring-Loaded, Slap Happy, Raining Doubloons, and Drum Major.

The wraps includes the Pineapple Wrap, Clubs Wrap, Diamonds Wrap, Spades Wrap, and the animated Magma.

You can see all of the videos embedded below:

Leaked v8.10 Fortnite Skins

Kenji skin with Katana & Kunai back-bling

Kuno skin with Dual Karma back-bling

Laguna skin with Pineapple Strummer back-bling

Axiom skin with Commission back-bling

Psion skin with Omission back-bling

Leaked v8.10 Fortnite Emotes


Slap Happy

Raining Doubloons

Drum Major

Leaked v8.10 Fortnite Wraps


Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades

Magma (Animated)

There are official release dates for the above products. You can expect some of these to show up in the following weeks. Keep in my mind that Epic Games has held release of some items for months due to design changes and other factors.

Official pricing for the items is also unconfirmed, but the rarities are included in the tweets above. This will allow you to draw conclusions on the pricing based on previous item releases.

There’s also a good chance that some of these items will be released through Challenges rather than the Item Shop.

You can see all of the unreleased skins that the community is aware of in our earlier article here: All unreleased Fortnite cosmetics as of v8.10

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