A new leak from data-miners who have dug into the Patch v6.10 files have actually found a skin that is soon to be added.

In a leak similar to that of the previous Halloween cosmetics leak – in which Skull Trooper and almost a dozen cosmetics were leaked – @ShiinaBR and @Hypexleaks have uncovered an upcoming set of cosmetics which seem to be vampire related.

This skin has been found – titled “Sanctum” – it is a male skin and has the filename of “Vampire”. This was discovered by @ShiinaBR – but it wasn’t the only Vampire related cosmetic to be found in the patch files.

@HypexLeaks has also discovered data relating to an upcoming back bling which seems to be the direct back bling of the leaked “Sanctum” skin. The back bling is titled “Coven Cape”.

We do not have images of these cosmetics yet as they haven’t been added into the files – we will almost certainly see these added in one the next major patches for Fortnite Battle Royale. Halloween is right around the corner.

This skin may be attached to the Nite Coven set – which features Dusk; a female vampire. So, hopefully we see this skin appearing in the Item Shop sooner or later. Halloween approaches.


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