Fortnite leakers have uncovered a brand new point of interest that should be coming to the battle royale sooner rather than later.

Throughout Fortnite Season X, players have been treated to a number of map changes and tweaks – with some fan-favorite locations making a return, and also seeing brand-new areas to explore.

These changes are usually signaled by a Rift Beacon appearing in the area and then activating a few days later. However, these Rift Beacon don’t bring areas like Retail Row back without a twist though, as we’ve already fought off Fiends at Retail, and done our best to ignore Taco Time at Greasy Grove.

Yet, a brand new map change appears to be in the offing – it might just come without the need for a rift zone.

According to popular data miner ShiinaBR, Fortnite leakers have been able to uncover a new location called Starry Suburbs in the game’s files.

The leaker noted that, as of now, no visual files or other hints for the location have been discovered but that its name has been used in the description of one of the upcoming Overtime Challenges. 

“Collect the Visitor recording in Starry Suburbs and Gotham City,” it reads, seemingly sending players on a hunt for some new voice notes. 

While we don’t have any visuals to go off, it won’t be hard to guess what the area will pretty much look like when it arrives on the battle royale islands.

The use of Suburbs suggests that there will be houses to loot, and that it will probably look something like Snobby Shores and Salty Springs- perhaps even replacing Snobby as some fans seem to believe.

Just how big the area is, though, and what existing location it will replace remains to be seen – as what will come from the new Rift Beacon at Junk Junction hasn’t yet been revealed and we usually have an idea by this point.