Fortnite releases updates on a weekly basis with bug patches, new challenges and (occasionally) new skins/cosmetics for players to get their hands on, and data miners have given fans a sneak peek at what’s to come 

As Epic Games inject their updates into the battle royale, new files are added to the game, which data-miners can decipher and generate new, leaked content.

Plenty of cosmetics have been added to Fortnite during Season X. Credit: Epic Games.

Following a premature release of the v10.40 update on mobile, data-miners have indeed uncovered what lies beneath the updated game files, with a potential hint towards Season 11.

Posted on Twitter, @ShiinaBR, @MaxWineBach, and @FunGameLeaks have provided us with all of the skins, cosmetics and leaked screenshots of the final two loading screens for Season 10.

Leaked v10.40 skins

It appears that the popular Cuddle Team Leader and Llama skins have received an overhaul, alongside multiple other skins being added.

Aside from skins, there are multiple cosmetic items coming in the form of back blings and pickaxes. Moreover, a few gliders and music packs are on their way to the item shop. So if you’re looking to revamp, v10.40 might just suffice your needs.

Leaked v10.40 cosmetics

Map changes inbound?

With the theories of a new map coming as part of Season 11 currently doing the rounds, leaked loading screens from the data-mining trio have also surfaced as part of the v10.40 update. The loading screens are scheduled to arrive in the final two weeks of Season 10.

In the first of the two loading screen, it appears that characters are entering a factory with “Welcome to the Combine” etched into the wall above the glowing entrance, in what looks like a chaotic scene.

The second of the two loading screens show some of Fortnite’s most popular characters waving goodbye to the Battle Bus, as it descends off into the sunset. With the description: ”Last stop, Thank you, Bus driver!”, the screenshot suggests that the battle bus may be on its way to a new venture… Perhaps an entirely new map?

Indeed, speculation surrounding the loading screens is rife within the Fortnite community, with fans taking to social media and the Fortnite subreddit to surmise and theorize over what Season 11 will bring, ahead of its scheduled release on October 7.