Fortnite’s v12.10 Update has officially arrived, and as always, that means fans of the popular battle royale title have a whole host of new cosmetic items including skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more, to sink their teeth into.

The v12.10 patch, which went live on Tuesday, March 3, included a brand-new weapon to the game in the form of the Proximity Mine, which activates when enemies venture to close to where they have been placed, while also bringing some important bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


As always, Epic Games hide more new items inside the game’s files, ready to be produced when they are ready to be introduced to Fortnite, and data miners are always eager to sift through the patch in hopes of finding and revealing what’s coming next.

Forntite characters fromSeason 2 trailer.
Fortnite fans are usually treated to new skins when a new update drops. Credit: Epic Games

Things are no different with the launch of the v12.10 Update, with the game’s developers adding a number of new skins and cosmetic items into the game’s files, which leakers immediately found and released so we could take a look for ourselves before they make their way into the in-game Item Shop.

There are plenty of new skins for players to look forward to in the upcoming days, with Epic even introducing a new rarity called “Slurp,” although whether it is a permanent rarity or just a special one created for specific skins remains to be seen, such as they’ve done in the past for collaborations like Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

On top of that, there are also some new Back Bling, harvesting tools, and weapon skins, to allow you to show your own unique style as you hunt for Victory Royales. You can view all the leaks below, courtesy of data miners HYPEX, xkleinmikex, and Lucas7yoshi.

Leaked Skins

Leaked Cosmetic Items

These cosmetic items will be added to the game over the next week or so, likely in the Item Shop where players can exchange their V-Bucks for new looks for their characters.