There’s finally a new update for Fortnite after one of the longest waits for one ever, with v11.40 now live on all platforms – and data miners have been digging through the game files to find unreleased content.

It’s been almost a month since the last proper update in Fortnite, which came back in December 2019.

With Epic now back from the festive break, it’s time for the end of Chapter 2 Season 1, with Season 2 fast approaching.

The new update has added an updated version of the Heavy Assault Rifle, plus a host of much-needed bug fixes.

There’s also a new ‘Sidegrading’ feature, which will allow you to use workbenches to upgrade weapons in exchange for materials. Currently, it only works for the Assault Rifle, but presumably will work for more weapons in the future.

Considering it’s been some weeks since the last major update, there are even more skins and cosmetics added this time around than normal.

Data miners have found a total of 22 new skins, plus addition styles, in the game files already. These leaks have been shared by reliable miner FireMonkey.

Leaked skins

There are 23 new skins in total, but a handful of them also have a selection of styles, which will presumably be unlockable.

That’s not all though, as there are also new skin styles coming as rewards for the Overtime challenges. Three more sets of Overtime challenges will see out the final three weeks of the season, following the current Remedy vs Toxin challenges.

The rewards for the next three weeks of Overtime have also been leaked:

Leaked Gliders

There are only two new gliders in this patch, but both of them look great, especially the golden ‘Skellon’, part of the Cryptic Curse set.

Leaked Pickaxes

There are 12 new pickaxes leaked. Some of these will fit with the new skins too, such as the Spiked Mace, which will match up with the metal mouth character.

Leaked wraps

There’s a good selection of new weapon wraps added – eight in total.

Leaked backblings

We can’t forget backblings either of course. Most of these are being introduced to match up with the new skins.

Data miner Lucas7Yoshi has compiled all the leaked cosmetics into one place, including a selection of backblings and emotes.

What do you think of the upcoming cosmetics leaked from this new update? Do they make up for the lack of updates and content over the festive period?

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