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Leaked PlayStation Plus bundle reportedly coming to Fortnite today

PlayStation Plus members will reportedly be receiving a new Fortnite bundle as soon as today.



PlayStation Plus members will reportedly be receiving a new Fortnite bundle as soon as today.

Update: This skin is now available to PS4 players.

The PlayStation community might be the most well-supported Fortnite players out of any platform – at least when it comes to exclusive skins.

Epic have tied a few exclusive skins to Xbox and mobile platforms, but you almost always have to buy something new to receive a code.

PlayStation Plus members, on the other hand, have received a few different cosmetic bundles to add to their locker. Soon, they’ll reportedly have one more in the Point Patroller skin and Secon Strike back bling.

This bundle got decrypted early on the morning of April 13. According to data miners, the skin is already available in New Zealand and will slowly roll-out worldwide over the next 24 hours.

These data miners have noted that, while the skin is designated with an ‘Item Shop’ tag, it doesn’t mean that the skin will be available in the Item Shop. It has all of the telltale signs of being a PS Plus exclusive.

PlayStation Plus members will likely receive their new skin over the next few hours, as the cosmetic bundle rolls out. It’s unclear if new PS Plus members will receive all three exclusive skins by signing up today.

Non-PlayStation players only have one option when it comes to acquiring these exclusive skins: find a friend with PS Plus and have them log into your account from their Playstation. Outside of that, you won’t be able to grab this one.


Epic shut down Arena Boxfighting & Fortnite World Cup leak

Epic Games were quick to dispel recent leaks of Boxfighting Arena and a Duos World Cup event.



On September 21, Epic Games announced that they were collaborating with the massively popular K-pop group, BTS. This collaboration includes some new emotes that were choreographed by the group along with the world premiere of the group’s new music video within Party Royale.

The collaboration will, undoubtedly, bring more players to the Party Royale game mode than ever before. To prepare, Epic posted a blog that told players how to get to the mode and how to navigate to the main stage. They even posted a picture of the Party Royale mode for those who were struggling to find it.

The only problem with this guide was that there were two leaks included in this picture. One of these leaks was something that we covered when Season 4 began: Boxfight Arenas. The next was the Duos World Cup – suggesting that players might be competing remotely, this year.

Of course, posts about this photo circulated on Reddit and social media. Epic were quick to dispel these rumors, however, telling players that these images were only placeholders.

“With the BTS announce today, we wanted to have an article that helped new players find their way in Party Royale,” GstaggEpic wrote on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit. “This blog was incorrectly published with images from a dev build that showed test playlist images of Fortnite World Cup and Boxfight Arena. To properly set expectations, these images are not a hint of events to come. Instead, they are old assets

Fortnite World Cup

Despite this statement, we’re holding out hope that Boxfight Arenas will still be a thing. The World Cup 2020 seems to be impossible, at this stage, but an Arena Boxfighting mode is quite an interesting concept.

For now, though, we have to assume that leaks surrounding this mode were only old assets that players found at the start of the season. We’ll keep you posted if or when we learn more about these modes.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite v14.20: what to expect

Here’s what to expect in the next Fortnite update: v14.20.



It’s been two weeks since the last Fortnite patch, and all signs are pointing to the v14.20 patch coming this week. We’re writing this before any official announcement, but our best guess is that there’s a patch incoming tomorrow, September 22.

We have a few ideas of what’s to come, including the bug fixes that come with nearly every patch. Let’s get into it.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are several issues that should be resolved when v14.20 goes live. Here’s a list of all of the bugs that are listed as “Fixed in Next Game Update” on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board:

  • Fishing Spots can disappear on PC with Effects set to Low.
  • Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.
  • Heroes Park and Ghost House don’t count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.
  • Groot Awakening Island Missing
  • Redline Ramirez’s Commander Perk doesn’t work properly with charged Sniper Rifles. (Save the World)
  • Inconsistent Fishing Spot visibility on Nintendo Switch and Android.

2020 Birthday Celebration

Fortnite: Battle Royale released on all platforms on September 26, 2017. That means that Fortnite’s third birthday is coming up – on Saturday, to be exact.

Each year that passes, Fortnite brings some sort of celebration to the game. The past two years have given us free cosmetics along with some birthday-themed challenges.

We don’t have a ton of information about what will come this year apart from some leaked weapon wraps, but we’ll almost certainly get some more details when the patch comes out.

The next hero or POI

This is a general prediction, but we think that another batch of hero abilities and/or a new POI will come to Fortnite when v14.20 goes live.

We saw Stark Industries come in the last patch and most fans assume that some of the abilities in Marvel Standoff will come to the base game at some point. In v14.20, we could see any of these abilities with their accompanying hero as a boss or another hero we haven’t seen yet.

Again, this is only a prediction and doesn’t have too much tangible evidence behind it.

Wolverine fortnite

Now, all that’s left is to wait for an announcement. We’re pretty confident in our prediction of a patch coming this week, even if it doesn’t go live tomorrow.

Of course, we’ll update this post if our prediction is wrong or if we learn more ahead of the update.

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DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite September results

Alliege, Marz, and Teeq take home first place in each region for the DreamHack Open Fortnite September tournament.



The DreamHack Open September Fortnite tournament is in the books with Alliege, Marz, and Teeq taking home the victory in each region. The NA-East and EU stages of the competition took place over the weekend with NA-West wrapping-up on the 13th.

The tournament saw some rising stars along with some returning champions place at the top of the heap. Here’s a look at the full results for each region.

NA-West DreamHack Open results

The NA-West region was the first to finish the DreamHack September tournament on the 13th. After several qualifications and lackluster placements, Alliege put it all together and won the tournament. He was followed by 5G Nach and one of the most dominant players in the region, Arkham.

Several NA-East players went off-ping to place highly on NA-West. Dubs came in at 8 and Jamper placed 11 – padding his purse for the event. Other noteworthy finishes include Cented at 6, Lanjok at 9, and Whofishy at 12.

Stats via: FortniteTracker

NA-East DreamHack Open results

A rising star in the Fortnite scene, Marzz_OW, took home first place in the NA-East region with 293 points. The win was a long time coming for Marz, who has been grinding competitive Fortnite since the early days. It’s good to see him take the win.

Behind Marz was, unsurprisingly, Bugha. Bugha remains one of the best solo Fortnite players in any region – continuing to prove himself tournament after tournament. A portion of the competitive Fortnite fanbase likes to pretend that Bugha is “washed,” but the pro constantly proves that his World Cup win was anything but a fluke.

Other noteworthy finished include MackWood at 7, Jamper at 8, Slackes at 11, Zexrow at 17, Unknown at 21, and Bizzle at 22.

Stats via: FortniteTracker

European DreamHack Open results

Teeq proves that he’s one of the most dominant Fortnite players in EU with yet another DreamHack Open win. He took home the DreamHack July competition as well and adds a September victory to his portfolio.

Znappy and Verox had identical statistics in second and third place, but Znappy won the tiebreaker. Some noteworthy players who finished outside of the top 15 include Th0masHD at 17 and BenjyFishy at 18.

Stats via: FortniteTracker

Next up for competitive Fortnite will be the FNCS Trios, which should begin within the next couple of weeks. After that will be another DreamHack Solo tournament in October.

In the meantime, competitive Fortnite fans can wet their appetite with Ninja Battles, region-locked Cash Cups, and daily pro scrimmages streamed on Twitch.

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