Kevin the Cube marked a beautiful period of Fortnite, and the mystical purple cube is set to come back soon.

The low gravity surrounding the cube made it one of the most unique places to fight in Fortnite as the community speculated on where it may be headed next.


In the end, it sank into Loot Lake which turned the whole place into an amazing trampoline. That was the catalyst for many of the future Fortnite stories, but the cube has laid dormant for quite some time.

New leaked loading screens found in the v10.20 update show that the cube is set to come back in Week 6 of the season.

The loading screen for that week clearly shows the return of Leaky Lake with the anti-gravity and a floating island.

Bring back the Cube

This picture does look different from how the lake looked the first time it became like this. Back then there were a bunch of smaller islands floating around the main island and players could travel between them.

This picture only shows the one main island with the cube underneath. It will be interesting to see how this story develops as we get closer to Week 6.

While we are on the topic of leaked loading screens, check out this one from Week 5:

The nuclear symbol makes for a cool vibe

From an art standpoint, this is one of my all time favorite loading screens. I also have absolutely no idea what it means. Apparently some sort of nuclear radiation may be coming to Fortnite soon?

As long as Epic doesn’t add a nuke to the game, we should be okay. What do you all think this radiation symbol is leading towards? Maybe a power plant or nuclear reactor being added? Or a new gamma ray weapon?

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