As the v10.31 update went live on September 18, leakers were able to find the loading screen for Season 10, Week 8.

The most recent update allowed leakers to find potential new information about upcoming events, items, and more that might be headed to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Leakers were already able to find hints pointing towards a Batman ‘Welcome to Gothan City’ in-game event along with two new Halloween skin styles.

As we approach a new week of Season 10, leakers found the secret loading screen that players will be able to unlock once they complete three out of seven weekly missions.

Lucas7Yoshi posted the loading screen after the patch went live on September 18 which looks to show off the rumored Gotham City that will take over Tilted Town.

With Batman day falling on September 21 and a new Rift Beacon appearing in Tilted Town, it’s definitely likely that we will see a new rendition of Tilted Towers in the form of Gotham City.

We saw the area near the Truck ‘N’ Oasis transform into a Borderlands-themed area for the limited time ‘Welcome to Pandora’ Fortnite x Borderlands crossover thanks to a Rift Beacon, so could the new Beacon turn Tilted into Gotham?

There isn’t an estimated date on when the potential crossover event will begin, but we will be sure to keep you updated with potential cosmetics, items, and anything else related to the ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ event.