Leaked files relating to the Fortnitemares Finale – code named “Butterfly” – event suggest something that those who were griefed during the Missile Launch event might love the sound of.

It seems that leaked data pertaining to “Butterfly” – the name for the Fortnitemares Finale event in the game files – hints at the toggling off of Player Killing and using weapons during the event entirely. This is huge news for players who do not want to be hunted down while just wanting to innocently watch the event.

Image via @lucas7yoshi_

This Butterfly event is a one-time occurrence and as such will leave players wanting to not miss a chance to view the spectacular demise of Kevin the Cube. Epic Games Director Donald Mustard stated that the event was the “End of the Beginning” – which hints at the Cube’s inevitable destruction.

From the leaked files, it seems that input for weapons will be entirely disabled during the event as to not let players kill one another.

(The rest of this article may contain spoilers for the event.)

FortTory has found a sound file and animation sequence that hints at players’ holding butterflies in their hand while floating in their air.

Whatever happens, we can tell this event is going to be absolutely massive. You can read more throughout the day here at FortniteINTEL for tips, rumors, news and leaks regarding the event and all things Fortnite Battle Royale.


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