Fortnite is gearing up for the Chinese New Year again. Here are the leaked skins that will be released for the event.

It seems like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is lasting an eternity. We’ve had minimal updates, event information, and new items to keep the game fresh.

The updates we have had mostly revolve around cosmetics. The Fortnite X Star Wars and Winterfest events brought us a few new mechanics, but nothing that lasted longer than a few weeks.

The Season 1 cosmetic events aren’t over just yet, though. We still have one more on the horizon: the Chinese New Year on January 25. Epic will be giving us some on-theme cosmetics for the event as well. Here are all of the leaked Fortnite skins associated with the Chinese New Year.

Smoke Dragon

Via: @arkheops


Via: @arkheops

Jade Racer

Via: @arkheops


Via: @arkheops


Via: @arkheops

There will be a few pickaxes, back bling, and weapon wraps in this batch as well. You can take a look at all of those here.

One or two of these skins might be exclusive to the Chinese market, as we’ve seen with a couple of other skins in the past. We can expect the Smoke Dragon to hit the Item Shop, though, which is the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Will you be grabbing any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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