The ‘Oro’ skin joined the ranks of leaked Fortnite skins that never entered the Item Shop. This skin received an update in v12.20.

Most fans assumed that the leaked Fortnite Oro skin would be released to the Item Shop within the first few days of Season 2. This was, after all, in the game files ahead of the new season.


We’re now into week five, however, and still haven’t seen Oro grace us with his presence. The gilded king is mysteriously missing from the Item Shop.

Well, we got a bit more information about the skin with the release of the v12.20 patch. We saw the normal list of leaks, but one came through after the usual suspects tweeted their leaked skin compilations.

The Oro skin has, reportedly, received a second style that will be attached to some challenges. These challenges allow you to remove the gold from Oro, giving him a mummified look.

It’s unclear whether these challenges will unlock the mummy-style, or if this will be the base skin with an unlockable gold variant. Either way, I think that the gold version looks a lot better.

It’s always good to have more options in a skin. Since there are challenges related to Oro, we will have to wait and see if he comes to the Item Shop or if he’ll be part of a bundle.

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