A few hours before downtime to update Fortnite Battle Royale to Season X, leakers were able to find images of the Battle Pass exclusive skin that will be included.

Fortnite leakers are always diving into the game’s code to find new information on potential new items, skins, or other updates potentially headed to the game.

Epic Games do not comment on leaks or rumors, so the only way to find out if the information is true is to keep an eye on their social pages along with Fortnite’s in-game news tracker. This is common for several video game development companies as they like to keep new in-game content a surprise.

There have already been several videos posted across social media which show off Fortnite Battle Royale Season X. Now we have some images to drool over which show off some Battle Pass exclusive skins.

Season X Battle Pass skins

Every Battle Pass purchase, 950 V-Bucks, includes different rewards that include exclusive skins that can only be earned through earning tiers. Players can earn tiers towards their Battle Pass by completing challenges and simply playing through Battle Royale matches.

One of the first glimpses we got of skins within Season X’s Battle Pass came from leaked loading screen images by FortniteBR.

The images show off different skins featured throughout Fortnite’s previous nine seasons like Rust Lord, Red Knight, and Sparkle Specialist.

From the loading screen images, if they prove to be true, then it seems like Fortnite Season X’s skins will all be updated renditions of fan’s favorite skins.

New changes with Season X

The servers are not online yet, but Epic Games have released the patch notes for update v10.0.

Ready or not, mechs are entering Fortnite!

Season X will include B.R.U.T.E mechs, a solo-driven machine that can easily destroy buildings and unsuspecting players.

There have also been eight different items added to the vault including the Baller and Quad Crasher vehicles, which will certainly make rotating around the map a bit more difficult.

Fortnite’s tenth season looks to be packed full of new content for us to enjoy, and of course, 100 levels within the Battle Pass. We can’t wait to hop in-game and earn all the new skins!

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