Fortnite data miners dove into the v8.11 update to find information on a new weapon wrap headed to the game.

Epic Games pushed the v8.11 update on March 20 which included the unvaulting of Impulse Grenades and the addition of the new Flint-Knock Pistol.

The update wasn’t large in size, but Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi was able to find files and images for a new Weapon Wrap called “Rivet”.

The Rivet Weapon Wrap has a gold border with screwed in metal plates as the background.

The “Rivet” name for the weapon wrap comes from the rivets that are holding the metal plates in place.

Lucas7Yoshi was also able to find files related to the “Waypoint” skin, which was included within the v8.01 update.

The “Waypoint” skin might be getting an entire set with some new styles being made available, but for now, it seems like the “Rivet” weapon wrap will be added to the “Waypoint” set.

IMG: FortniteInsider

There is only one more skin that has not been leaked, the Carbon Commando, which will most likely be available through a promotion like NVIDIA’s Reflex set.

Lucas7Yoshi and other Fortnite leakers have been looking for more information on Season 8’s storyline, along with potential spoilers for Season 9, but so far they haven’t had much luck.

It is important to note that these leaks are not confirmed, and Epic Games does not publicly comment on leaks.

The only way to truly confirm leaks is to wait to see if Epic actually does add the items, skins, or whatever into the shop.

Season 8 has included a lot of cool skins like Peely, Blackheart, and Sunbird. What has been your favorite skin from Fortnite Season 8 so far?

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