Fortnite fans love to use their emotes in-game and soon enough they’ll have one to celebrate other players rage quitting – if potentially leaked information is to be believed.

A number of changes have been made to the battle royale game throughout the course of Season 10 and a number of unreleased skins, cosmetics, and other styles look set to be added to the Item Shop in the near future.

However, there’s one emote in particular that’s got people talking. The new hilarious rage emote has been leaked ahead of time by data miner HYPEX and it looks like it will eventually be a popular addition.

First-look at the Rage Quit emote

There was a total of three emotes overall inside the datamine, including not just the Rage Quit animation, but Pizza Party and Taco Time as well.

The last two will be included in their own cosmetic bundles, which are called Pizza Pit and The Leftovers set – according to this leak.

Image via Xbox Screengrab.

Those who have already dropped into the Greasy Grove point of interest following the v10.30 patch will be well aware of the Taco Time one already, as everybody that’s near the location is forced to use it every few minutes – preventing them from shooting.

When the Rage Quit emote and others will be added to the game remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, though, they’re going to make for some hilarious moments in-game.

What one do you think will be the best? Let us know!

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