A new LTM could be coming soon to Fortnite Season 2.

The Fortnite LTM rotation has been picking up a bit of steam with the implementation of official Zone Wars and Search and Destroy modes. Epic has been keen to work with community creators to develop some unique ideas for Fortnite.


Another LTM could be coming soon that utilizes mechanics found in other games. We may be getting an ‘Infected’ or ‘Zombies’ LTM, similar to game modes seen in Apex Legends and Call of Duty.

According to data miner @iFireMonkey, there is a new LTM in the game files that features a ‘Survivor’ and ‘Infected team. The game mode remains unfinished but could enter the Fortnite within the next few weeks.

If you’ve ever played one of these game modes in another game, then you will have a good idea of how this might work. In Call of Duty, at least, the game begins with all survivors on one team.

When the clock ticks down, one survivor turns into an ‘infected’ player. This player begins eliminating the enemy team. Each eliminated survivor turns into an infected player until all players are infected or the time runs out.

In most of these games, the infected team only has melee weapons while the survivors use guns. For Fortnite, we could see the infected players using pickaxes that one-shot survivors.

Fortnite Retail Row Zombies Shield Glitch
Epic Games

We don’t know if this game mode will be in Creative or not – nor do we know how many players will be in a match. We could see Epic do something similar to what they did with ‘Arsenal,’ where they shrink the circle to limit the playable area.

It would be awesome to see this game mode take place on the full island with 100 players – similar to what Apex Legends did with their Haloween LTM. The details will likely become clearer when Epic finishes the mode.

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