The return of the Heavy AR was leaked in patch v11.20. This new footage shows just how powerful the new AK will be in Fortnite.

The current Fortnite loot pool is about as balanced as we’re ever going to get. There are too many rocket launchers and snipers, the shotguns aren’t perfect, and shields can be scarce, but we’re in a better position than we have been in a while.

It’s a true mark of success when the most overpowered item in Fortnite is a Harpoon Gun. When was the last time we were able to say something like that?

Well, all good things must come to an end. Leaks coming out of the v11.20 patch show that the Scoped AR and Heavy AR (AK) are on their way back to Fortnite.

Via: @Hypex

Not a big deal, right? 46 damage to players is slightly above what the old AK was doing. If they up the fire rate, we’ll have ourselves adequate Epic and Legendary variants.

Well, that’s not all that Epic did. They added a headshot multiplier that will be the best friends of L2-spammers everywhere. The new AK does 88/92 to the head.

For reference, the Rare AK did 75 damage to the head, which would also two-shot a 150 HP target and three-shot someone with 200 HP. This might have been what Epic was thinking, but these new numbers will bring someone with 200 HP down to 4 HP with two headshots.

This seems a bit too powerful for my liking. The AK was never my favorite weapon, but I might have to start using it if this is what we’ll be able to do.

Pro player Benjyfishy even replied to this tweet, saying that he’d be switching to controller mid-game to double-headshot people.

Take a backseat AUG, the new strongest Fortnite AR is coming.

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