According to one of Fortnite’s most reputable leakers, FortTory, two of the game’s most beloved destinations will be getting destroyed.

Fortnite v8.50 launched on April 25 with plenty of surprises, including the return of Thanos for the Fortnite x Avengers Endgame event.


FortTory, one of Fortnite’s most respected leakers, posted several in-game renders of several buildings and locations being destroyed by something called a “SnowRock”.

According to the leaks, huge volcanic rocks will fly out of the volcano near the northeast corner and will subsequently destroy some of Fortnite’s most popular destinations.

Tilted Towers and Retail Row will be getting destroyed by rocks and lava, if the leaks stand to be true.

FortTory uploaded several videos and images of what Fortnite players could be expecting with this map-changing event:

It seems like Tilted Tower’s buildings will be destroyed with the ground being covered in volcanic ash, hardened lava, and magma with a few chests sprinkled along the way.

Tilted Tower’s iconic clock tower will be on the chopping block as an entire building render was posted, giving more proof that this event might become a reality.

Retail Row will be undergoing a change as well, as the volcanic rocks will target this densely populated city.

With Retail being located East of Tilted Towers and on the other side of the map, players tend to land here in order to loot up from the shopping town’s abundant amount of loot chests.

Several renders show that Retail Row’s beautiful houses and buildings will be destroyed with walls being broken down and some structures having their entire foundation ripped apart.

We aren’t sure when this map-changing event could happen, but with Season 9 right around the corner, we expect it to be soon.

Do you think FortTory’s leaks are a part of Season 9’s introduction?