Renowned Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi may have just dropped his biggest bombshell yet. 

As the update began, players have been speculating about the mysterious ball hovering above Polar Peak.

The image of the Ice King was found in the spectrograph of the sound coming from the ball, but we didn’t know anything more than that.

Thanks to Lucas7Yoshi, we can now see the Ice King inside the ball who appears to be creating something between his hands that looks an awful lot like “Kevin” the cube.

This leak worried Yoshi as it was definitely a step up from the cosmetics and sound files that encompass most leaks.

Even when things in the game files hint towards an upcoming in-game event, they are usually just hints, not full graphics like the one above.

Yoshi was definitely worried about posting this specific leak and said it is the “riskiest” one he has ever posted.

This appears to be the first stage of an upcoming in-game event and we will update you when we learn more about the Ice King’s motives and plans in the future.

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