An upcoming tournament with Ninja and South Korean boy band iKON is going to take on a whole new format, according to a leak.

The tournament is scheduled for March 16th and will begin at 1 PM ET. To see the full info for how to sign up for the tournament, the schedule of events and more check out our guide.

According to Ninja, the event will feature a “new map.” That map is represented in this leaked trailer, but, as always, leaks are not confirmed by us.

This leak was especially questionable when it first came out as the original source was not a known source for leaks. The account that posted the leak (@HartesPL) has just over 30 followers and only 14 tweets total. That, combined with the questionable quality, had many people calling the leak fake.

A couple of hours after Hartes tweeted that, the leak was confirmed by a reliable source. Lucas Yoshi tweeted out a higher quality of the leak and said the video does look fan made and overall bad, but it is directly from Epic.

His previous track record with leaks speaks for itself and it seems that is the official trailer. The all-new map teased by Ninja appears to be a Fortnite Creative map with a new game mode that features attackers and defenders fighting over two objectives on the map.

Over a Twitter DM, Lucas Yoshi said that he would “be surprised if that is the final [trailer] but it wouldn’t be too shocking given it is the only one uploaded to the official host.”

With the event coming tomorrow, drastic changes to that video are unlikely, but possible.

So are you excited for this new game mode? Will you be watching the event tomorrow?

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  1. Mitch, sorry to say this, but this isn’t official. There are millions of fans mentioning it’s fanmade, and the trailer DOES look like it. I’m not judging, I’m just telling you. 🙂


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