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LEAK: A new Nighthare set has been found in the game files



The Item Shop will be getting a scary new outfit just in time for Easter.

Found by leakers Lucas7Yoshi and ShiinaBR, the Nighthare set is exactly as you would expect from the name.

It features a haunting version of a bunny who seems like they would always wear black even if its 90 degrees outside.

It also comes with a pickaxe called the “Steel Carrot” and a back bling called “Floppy” which appears to be an all-black rabbit voodoo doll?

Here’s two solid pictures of the main skin from Shiina:

Lucas Yoshi provides views of the other two parts of the set along with the absurd text stream found in the game files.

According to Lucas, the reason this set was unencrypted – a rarity in Fortnite cosmetics lately – was because some Polish YouTubers had the set gifted to them.

It’s not clear if that was an error or by design, but apparently that is the reason these became available.

Since we are very far from Halloween, it makes the most sense for these to be demented versions of skins meant for Easter.

That means we will probably see this skin in the item store this weekend.

Will you take a break from the holiday to find a computer/console and purchase this set? Why or why not?


Leaked Fortnite v13.20 update skins and cosmetic items

Fortnite’s first update after Season 3’s launch is here, and there’s plenty of new skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more to pick up in v13.20.



Cozy and Comfy Chomper skins in Fortnite Patch v13.20

Fortnite’s latest update, v13.20, is adding a host of new cosmetics into the mega-popular battle royale, including dozens of new skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more.

Fortnite’s first update after the Season 3 release has dropped. Yes, the v13.20 name might be confusing, but we promise you didn’t miss a patch. 

The new update is set to add the Flare Gun to the game finally, as well as see the water levels currently flooding the map recede. Outside of the game mechanics though, new skins are also on their way.

While it won’t be the same 200+ cosmetic haul as the big Season 3 reveal, there’s still dozens of new cosmetics that’ll be making their way to the Item Shop soon, so let’s take a look at them.

Darkheart skin in Heartbreak set headlines v13.20 patch

While there are 12 new skins players will be able to buy after v13.20 goes live, one of them really stands out from the bunch ⁠— Darkheart. 

Part of the Team Heartbreak set, players will be able to pick up the skin, the Heartless Wings backbling, and the Bewitching Blades pickaxes in the in-game shop. When, however, remains a mystery. You can take a look at the leaked cosmetics courtesy of Lucas7yoshi.

In saying that though, there are still some pretty interesting skins being added as part of the update. Dad Bod Jonesy, the Cozy and Comfy Chomps, and the Lada ⁠— affectionately named after Enchiladas — are our pick of the bunch.

FNCS emotes and sprays make an appearance

The first sign of the next FNCS season has arrived in the Fortnite client. In the v13.20 update, blue FNCS sprays and emoticons have been added to commemorate Chapter 2 Season 3 starting soon.

There’s no set date for when FNCS will make its return, so competitive players looking to satisfy their itch will have to wait some time yet. However, when these emotes make their way into the game, it usually means the start is just around the corner.

Outside of these two headliners, there’s still lots to get excited about. 13 new pickaxes, two new gliders, backblings for all the new skins, six weapon wraps, and even a new music pack has been added.

While most of them come in at Green or Blue rarity, there’s plenty of choices for players to potentially pick up with any spare V-Bucks they have laying around.

As always, more cosmetics could be found as dataminers dig deeper into the Fortnite v12.30 update. We will keep you posted if anything else arises from the patch.

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Item Shop

Fortnite Item Shop rotation: June 10, 2020

What’s in the Fortnite Item Shop today? (June 9, 2020)



Fortnite Season 3 is just around the corner, following several delays. The final date looks to be June 17, 2020 – fingers crossed. Many of you are likely saving those V-Bucks until the new season drops, but no one is immune from impulse-buying an item while they wait for the new season.

Here’s the current Fortnite Item Shop for today, June 9, 2020.

Featured Items


  • Valkyrie: 2,000
  • Bandolier: 1,500
  • Chaos Agent: 1,500
  • Bandolette: 1,200


  • Choppa: 1,200
  • Frostwing: 1,500


  • Chaos Scythe: 800
  • Machete: 500


  • Digital Grayscale

Daily Items


  • Overtaker: 1,500
  • BRUTE Navigator: 800


  • Smooth Moves: 800
  • Business Hips: 500
  • Hang on: 200


  • Spellslinger: 800

There you have it: today’s Item Shop. Those who are interested in purchasing V-Bucks may do so on the Store tab of Fortnite Battle Royale. The price breakdown is below if you’re short on V-Bucks and need to have something:

  • 600 (£3.99/$4.99)
  • 1,000 (£7.99/$9.99)
  • 2,800 (£19.99/$24.99)
  • 5,000 (£29.99/$39.99)
  • 13,500 (£79.99/$99.99)

These prices are subject to change with sales, adjustments, and Starter Packs.

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Opinion: are rare and OG skins bad for Fortnite players?

The rerelease of the Recon Expert skin begs the question: is keeping skins exclusive to longtime players bad for the Fortnite community? We explore this topic.



OG Fortnite skins: few have them and everyone wants them. Those who have the OG Ghoul Trooper, Skull Trooper, and Renegade Raider can flaunt their Fortnite experience in every lobby they enter.

Is this a good thing for players, though? Are exclusive, OG skins a positive for the Fortnite community, or are they a way for Epic Games to rake-in cash at the expense of their player base? Today, we’re exploring this divisive topic.

This discussion was triggered by the rerelease of the rare Recon Expert skin in the Fortnite Item Shop. It hasn’t been in the normal rotation since it was first released back in 2017. Until now, only the OG Fortnite players had access to this skin.

Take the ‘OG’ element of this skin out of the equation. Look at it objectively. Is it anything special? Is there any reason to purchase this skin other than the (now irrelevant) status symbol of owning it?

Some will say “yes, there is,” and to those people I say: by all means, buy the skin. The reality is, however, that this skin would receive a fraction of the purchases if it was released for the first time in 2020. People are buying it for the ‘OG’ factor, and that’s not a good thing for the Fortnite player base.

We’ve seen this play out several times in Fortnite. The Ghoul and Skull Trooper skins received similar attention when they were rereleased to the Item Shop. Subjectively, these are more interesting skins than the Recon Expert, but their purchases were fueled by the artificial status symbol that came with them – just the same.

Epic threw the true OGs a bone with the aforementioned Trooper skins, giving them exclusive variants that weren’t available to those who recently purchased the items. This doesn’t solve the problem, though. In fact, it creates a new one: account selling.

There will always be a market for video game accounts, whether players are buying alt accounts or ones with a plethora of skins that they missed. By adding ‘OG’ variants to skins, however, Epic are only fueling this black market economy. You can find an account with all of the OG skins on PlayerAuctions for nearly $10,000 USD.

Epic don’t allow players to buy and sell accounts – something that any longtime fans of Tfue will know. Tfue purchased an account with OG skins back in the early days of Fortnite. Epic responded by banning his purchased account and main account, which triggered the Tfault movement that many fans know all too well.

At the same time, Epic are indirectly fueling this economy by keeping certain skins exclusive to those who played during the early days. And we haven’t even mentioned the number of scammers that operate of sites like these.

To be clear, we’re not talking about exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics. These should be exclusive to each season – there’s no arguing that. The argument is that Epic are fueling the account-selling market and raking-in profits every time they rerelease an old skin – all at the expense of, largely, young Fortnite players.

The Renegade Raider is one of the last, true OG skins that hasn’t returned to the Item Shop. You’d be crazy to think that it wasn’t eventually coming back, even if they give the OGs an exclusive variant. It will be an incredibly lucrative Item Shop rotation when Renegade Raider does make her return.

There isn’t much that we can do about this practice, and it’s not the worst thing a video game company has done to make money. To their credit, Epic have handled microtransactions extremely well in Fortnite. This practice is calculated and a bit manipulative, however, and it deserves to be called out.

In the end, our message is this: buy the skins that you want to buy because you like how they look, not because you think they’ll be rare or offer you some sort of artificial status symbol. It can all go away in an instant, as OG Recon Expert owners now know, firsthand.

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