The Item Shop will be getting a scary new outfit just in time for Easter.

Found by leakers Lucas7Yoshi and ShiinaBR, the Nighthare set is exactly as you would expect from the name.

It features a haunting version of a bunny who seems like they would always wear black even if its 90 degrees outside.

It also comes with a pickaxe called the “Steel Carrot” and a back bling called “Floppy” which appears to be an all-black rabbit voodoo doll?

Here’s two solid pictures of the main skin from Shiina:

Lucas Yoshi provides views of the other two parts of the set along with the absurd text stream found in the game files.

According to Lucas, the reason this set was unencrypted – a rarity in Fortnite cosmetics lately – was because some Polish YouTubers had the set gifted to them.

It’s not clear if that was an error or by design, but apparently that is the reason these became available.

Since we are very far from Halloween, it makes the most sense for these to be demented versions of skins meant for Easter.

That means we will probably see this skin in the item store this weekend.

Will you take a break from the holiday to find a computer/console and purchase this set? Why or why not?

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