When a giant volcano appears on a video game map, it seems obvious that at some point the volcano will erupt.

For most people, it was a question of when, not if.

While a new LTM featuring lava just came out with Fortnite’s v8.20 update, that doesn’t seem like the only lava that will be introduced.

Some leakers have identified a sound file titled “Dopey.”

The name seems like a diversion to throw people off the scent as the sound file seems distinctly like a Volcano eruption.

Fortnite YouTuber HypeX was one of the first people to discover the sound and they posted two examples on their twitter account.

There was some debate over whether the sound files came from the new lava-based LTM, but it seems like they are separate from the sound packs associated with the mode.

As with all leaks we report, we are not affiliated with Epic Games (despite all the DMs we receive from people trying to contact them), and none of the leaks are guaranteed to be in the game.

While some things have been leaked and never came to pass, the majority of leaked items/sounds found in the game files do end up in the game at some point.

The volcano eruption feels like a slam dunk. Epic loves to do massive map-changing events and a giant eruption absolutely feels like something they will do. The next question is when?

Do you think the Volcano will erupt during Season 8?

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