Yet another crossover might be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale – this time, in the form of a ‘Splatoon’ collab.

As Season 10 continues, Fortnite Battle Royale keeps bringing out massive collaborations with various games, television shows, and other entertainment mainstays.


Now, it appears that Fortnite will be teaming up with Nintendo to bring fans a crossover with Splatoon – one of the largest titles in the world.

According to HYPEX, a Back Bling and skin were found in the Fortnite game files during a recent content update.

You can view the leak below.

Especially with Fortnite having massive crossovers with entities such as The Avengers, Stranger Things, the NFL, and Borderlands, the possibility of Fortnite teaming up with Nintendo isn’t that out of the question.

However, it is always easy to speculate before anything is actually confirmed by Epic Games. Even though there may be in-game files, it could always be for something else.

This would be a great opportunity for both Fortnite and Nintendo to have these two behemoths join forces, and could be the start of a great partnership.

As always, we should note that a Fortnite X Splatoon crossover is unconfirmed at the time of writing. We will provide more information if it is made available in the coming days.

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