Thanks to a new leak, we might know the next set of cosmetics to release in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Fortnite’s tenth season of Battle Royale has opted to add new variations of popular skins from previous seasons like DJ Yond3r, Rust Lord, and more.


VastBlast posted their latest set of leaks which include a bundle of four different Fortnite Battle Royale skins and are supposed to be apart of the “Encrypted Dark Bundle”. The bundle will be following Season 10’s cosmetic theme of reworking previous skins.

While Epic Games refuse to comment on leaks or rumors, VastBlast has been known to have accurate skin and cosmetic leaks.

Who are the Encrypted Dark Legends?

A Twitter post on August 3 showed off four different skin styles for Red Knight, Wild Card, Jonesy, and TomatoHead.

IMG: VastBlast

There was also another skin, Dark Axe, that is seemingly wearing the same suit as the Dark Wild Card character.

IMG: VastBlast

VastBlast later posted an image of the Dark Red Knight character pulling off a handstand and showing the Dark Backbling which looks to be a purple colored shield.

Another popular Fortnite leaker, S1l0x, posted a video of the Dark Red Knight skin performing an emote in the Battle Royale lobby.

Epic Games can always make final adjustments to cosmetics before they are released to the public, so don’t take these leaks as concrete evidence.

Fortnite Season 10 continues on with new cosmetics being added each week, so we might see the Dark Legends bundle sooner rather than later!

Do you like the dark purple and pink theme that the Dark Legends have, or is the color scheme not your cup of tea? Let us know your opinion below!