Every featured item that will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop has been leaked until the month of December.

An anonymous source has reportedly provided FNBR.NEWS, a Fortnite leak and news outlet, with knowledge regarding upcoming Item Shops.

The leak details the ‘Featured’ Item Shop cosmetic skins until November 30, with two of the reported leaks already confirmed in-game.

You can view all of the potential Fortnite Item Shop features below.

  • November 22 – November 23: Raptor and Detective Sets
  • November 23 – November 24: Tender Defender and Wukong Bundle
  • November 24 – November 25: Tender Defender and Rex Bundle
  • November 25 – November 26: Taro and Highland Bundle
  • November 26 – November 28: Vday and Hippies and Battle Pass Tiers
  • November 28 – November 29: Viking and Vampire and Battle Pass Tiers
  • November 29 – November 30: Spiders and Garage Band Sets

While the ‘Featured’ items have been unveiled, there is, unfortunately, no word on the ‘Daily’ items in the leak.

It should be noted that even though some portions of the leak have already been confirmed, it does not mean that the remainder of the information will be correct down the line. Epic Games can always switch prospective cosmetics.

We will continue to provide updates on this story as more information is made available in the coming days.

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