The most recent Fortnite update that released on September 18 introduced tons of changes to Battle Royale, and as always, leakers were able to dive within the game’s files to find new potential cosmetics.

Fortnite’s v10.31 patch saw a revamped Party Hub where players will be able to team up with their friends or hop into an audio chat together.

Leakers were able to dive into the game’s files to find that the next in-game event might include our favorite caped crusader, Batman, in celebration of Batman day on September 21.

As leakers went through the rest of the v10.31 patch, they also found the first signs of Halloween 2019 headed to Fortnite.

Halloween skin styles headed to Fortnite?

Within an hour after the patch was released, popular Fortnite leaker HypeX shared a video from Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman where he showed off new skin styles for Castor and Elmira.

We aren’t sure if the skin styles were supposed to be released with the v10.31 update or if Epic accidentally made them available before October.

Fans can hop in-game and check out the styles for free as long as they own the skins. The images below are from FortniteInsider.

IMG: FortniteInsider

Epic Games have previously added in holiday-themed cosmetics, so we believe that they will continue the trend starting with more Halloween-themed skins as we get closer to October 31.

With Skull Trooper remaining one of the rarest skins available in Fortnite, maybe we will see another skin variant themed around the holidays?