Epic Games has been working to make stream sniping harder in Fortnite and now there is a new mode coming with that goal.


Fortnite already implemented streamer mode which prevents names from appearing in the kill feed. That keeps from alerting other players that a famous streamer is in their lobby.

But plenty of players are still getting stream sniped, and now, with $1 million on the line in weekly online qualifiers for the World Cup, stream sniping has financial impact.

Epic’s latest attempt at making stream sniping harder will be through a new ‘anonymous mode.’

The leak was posted by Lucas7Yoshi who has been proven as a reliable source of leaks over the seasons.

Unlike a lot of leaks, we don’t need any speculation to figure out what this one means.

It’s simply a skin disguise. Because while people can get your location from the stream, there is usually a bit of delay, so identifying the exact person isn’t always easy.

Take the example Ninja faced the other day. Yes, I know the meme, but this situation had enough key factors to be definitively called a stream sniper.

They rotated completely out of position using two rifts to get there in a competitive match. If Ninja had the new anonymous mode, the sniper may not have been able to tell which person in the battle he was.

Most stream snipers are also third-partying. This mode will just help streamers be disguised in that situation and confuse the sniper as to which person they are supposed to be targeting.

It’s an interesting thought but the actual impact it will have on stream sniping still remains to be seen.

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