Launch Pads provide a ton of utility to help you move around the map and this new trick adds another useful option.

Generally a Launch Pad is used to move into the zone, escape a losing engagement or rush a weak player/third party.

This trick allows you to fly sideways very quickly while maintaining some control over your movements.

To pull it off you have to edi a ramp from a pyramid over your launchpad. You stay underneath the ramp and when you launch it sends you flying in the direction of the ramp.

If that description is confusing, it was posted and demonstrated by Twitch streamer BoopNL in the post below:

Faster Way for Horizontal Launchpad in Late Game Zones from r/FortniteCompetitive

What is unique about this trick is that it provides a way to move that is pretty unique and could be quite useful.

People expect to be rushed from Launch Pads, but the quick flying to the side could definitely take them by surprise.

BoopNL expanded on some other ways to use the technique including how to fly diagonally in a follow up post.

Faster Way for Horizontal Launchpad in Late Game Zones from r/FortniteCompetitive

Obviously, this does require a bit of a deft hand in editing and is certainly a higher-level technique, but it is a simpler mechanic than many of the other things pro players are practicing and pulling off.

Especially with Arena Mode now providing a higher level game to the casual player, tips and tricks like this are a great way to start climbing up the ranks.

Will you use this trick in a game? Do you enjoy gameplay tips like this from this website? Let us know in the comments.

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