The Launch Pad has become one of Fortnite Battle Royale’s most iconic items – used for stylish plays and quick travel, it’s a must-have for those on their way to a Victory Royale.

However, the frequency of this item in the live game is pretty scarce, with the following drop rates reported by Storm Shield One:

  • Each floor item has a 2.8% chance of being a trap. From this, there is a 9.1% chance that it will be a launch pad.
  • Each supply drop has a 9.1% chance of containing a launch pad.

With such a small chance of being floor loot as well as the low number of supply drops in each game, it’s unsurprising that we don’t come across many launch pads.

It looks like this is about to change though! Eric Williamson seemed open to the idea of increasing the drop rate a few days ago on reddit:

Since this, he has posted a poll on Twitter hinting at the drop rates being increased with the only response  to his question being ‘Yes’:

If this change is planned, it will likely go live with Patch v3.3.0 next week which brings Supply Llamas that are ‘interacted with similarly to chests’, perhaps these will be a new source of launch pads.

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